JSpaceCanada is a Jewish, progressive, pro-Israel, pro-peace voice in Canada. We support Israel as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people with full recognition of the equality and civil rights of all its citizens. We strongly support a two-state solution and a lasting agreement that will bring peace to the region. Understanding them to be an obstacle to that peace, we oppose Israel’s Jewish settlements. We also oppose all initiatives that attempt to challenge Israel’s right to exist or impose boycotts, divestments, or sanctions on Israel.

Our Objectives

  • To serve as a voice of fairness and balance and to give a progressive perspective on Israel.
  • To provide Canadians with an alternative to the pro-Israel right and the anti-Israel left.
  • To educate Canadians on the historical and geographical facts behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the historical, religious and spiritual context of Canadian Jews’ relationship to Israel.
  • To help Canadians understand the legitimacy of critiquing policies of the Israeli government while affirming Israel’s basic rights as a sovereign state.

Who We Are

Our coordinating committee is a group of concerned individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We are academics, civil servants, trade unionists, authors, social justice activists, and entrepreneurs who want to provide a progressive, pro-Israel analysis and voice in the Canadian Jewish community. We reach out to individuals and organizations with a rationale for working in support of Israel.

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Photo Courtesy of Sarah MacRitchie.

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