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The crisis on the Temple Mount

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (July 23, 2017) – Tensions between Palestinians and Israel have been building up for some time now. The confrontation could have come, and may still come, in the South along the Gaza border. Hamas, which rules Gaza, is losing ground, partly because of closer relations between Israel and the Gulf States. […]

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On being a Reform rabbi in Israel

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (July 13, 2017) – Many years ago British police apprehended an aspiring terrorist who had on him a list of prominent Jews assumed to be potential targets for assassination. Rumour had it that some Jewish leaders were very upset when they found out that they weren’t on the list. Were they […]

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The non-socialist alternative to Netanyahu

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (July 11, 2017) – When Israel’s Labor Party announced that its members would vote this month to elect a leader of the party, some ten people indicated that they’d stand against the incumbent Isaac Herzog. Hostile cynics commented that this might have been the total party membership. In fact, there’re more […]

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Ominous signs

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (June 15, 2017) – Israel is a wonderful country and I deem it a privilege to live here. I’m convinced that without this our Jewish state there wouldn’t be much of Judaism or Jewry today. Therefore, it pains me greatly to have to write that the country seems to be sliding […]

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