Job posting for Social Justice summer intern plus special upcoming event

JSpaceCanada is hiring for a summer position, a Social Justice Intern, to help expand our outreach to diverse communities and partners, and to assist with invigorating our social media platforms. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about the issues and implementing exciting programs, and also understands that in small non-profit organizations there is both high level and mundane administrative work to do.

JSpaceCanada statement on May 2019 rocket attacks

JSpaceCanada strongly condemns the barrage of rockets launched from Gaza at Israel over the past two days by militants from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We are deeply concerned by this escalation of violence, in which four Israelis and several Palestinian civilians have been killed, with countless more wounded. We admire the defiance of Israeli communities in the South, who have been subject to rocket attacks for nearly two decades.JSpaceCanada statement on May 2019 rocket attacks Click To Tweet

Hatred: the oldest story

Tonight we are reeling from yet another horrific shooting of people who were at prayer. The suspect arrested in the shooting at the Chabad synagogue near San Diego appears to have several things in common with the perpetrator of the Tree of Life shooting six months ago in Pittsburgh. Both were acting alone and both had a history of racist rants on social media. There are similarities with the New Zealand mosque shooter as well. Indeed, the Chabad shooter claimed on line that he was inspired by the shootings in New Zealand and in Pittsburgh.Hatred, the oldest story Click To Tweet

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