JSpaceCanada condemns adoption of Bill 21 in Quebec

JSpaceCanada deplores the recent adoption of Bill 21, Quebec’s new secularism legislation that bans the wearing of religious symbols by public sector employees.

“Not only does Bill 21 trample on rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but its consequences disproportionately affect minority communities, including Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs,” said Dr. Karen Mock, President of JSpaceCanada.

Statement on May 2019 rocket attacks

JSpaceCanada strongly condemns the barrage of rockets launched from Gaza at Israel over the past two days by militants from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
We are deeply concerned by this escalation of violence, in which four Israelis and several Palestinian civilians have been killed, with countless more wounded. We admire the defiance of Israeli communities in the South, who have been subject to rocket attacks for nearly two decades.Statement on May 2019 rocket attacks Click To Tweet

JSpaceCanada condemns efforts to bring Otzma Yehudit into the Knesset

JSpaceCanada condemns in the strongest terms the efforts of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to broker a deal with Otzma Yehudit, an ultra-right wing racist party which embodies the most reprehensible elements of Israel’s political life. We equally condemn Jewish Home, another political ally of the Prime Minister, for voting to bring these elements into its own ranks instead of rejecting them in disgust.

Premier must denounce and distance himself from racism and white supremacy

Toronto, Sept. 24, 2018 — Today in the Ontario legislature, Premier Doug Ford refused to denounce the views of Faith Goldy with whom he recently posed for a picture. JSpaceCanada believes that if Premier Ford will not issue a forthright repudiation of Faith Goldy, other members of the Progressive Conservative Government must speak up in his place.

JSpaceCanada condemns discriminatory provisions of Jewish State Bill

JSpaceCanada joins Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Natan Sharansky, as well as many other Israelis and Diaspora groups worldwide, in condemning provisions of the Jewish State Bill that is nearing final pproval in the Knesset. Two provisions are particularly abhorrent to Zionism, to traditional Israeli openness and democracy, and to the principles of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. One provision allows religious communities to exclude other Israelis for any reason, and another downgrades Arabic as an official language.

JSpaceCanada condemns terrorist action in Quebec and Trump’s executive order

JSpaceCanada is shocked and saddened at the news that six people were murdered while praying at a mosque in Quebec City last night. While full details have yet to be released, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has described this crime as a terrorist act. JSpaceCanada deplores any and all terrorist activity no matter where the terrorism takes place or against whom the terror is directed. We pray that those injured recover fully and we stand with our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community and with all Canadians who condemn hate in our country.

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