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Waiting impatiently for sanity to return

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Sept. 4, 2017) – “On one side, you have the universalists, armed with their globalism, liberalism, and concerns for human rights. On the other, you have the nationalists, wielding their exceptionalism, isolationism, and often conservative religious values.” So wrote Hanna Kozlowska on the Quartz website. It could be about the United […]

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Prime Minister for life

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Sept. 1, 2017) – One of Iran’s leaders recently predicted that Israel will cease to exist in the next 25 years. He may have had in mind that his country coming ominously close to Israel’s northern border: It’s in Syria as Islamic State is being defeated and Assad’s grip on the […]

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The crisis on the Temple Mount

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (July 23, 2017) – Tensions between Palestinians and Israel have been building up for some time now. The confrontation could have come, and may still come, in the South along the Gaza border. Hamas, which rules Gaza, is losing ground, partly because of closer relations between Israel and the Gulf States. […]

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On being a Reform rabbi in Israel

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (July 13, 2017) – Many years ago British police apprehended an aspiring terrorist who had on him a list of prominent Jews assumed to be potential targets for assassination. Rumour had it that some Jewish leaders were very upset when they found out that they weren’t on the list. Were they […]

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