Netanyahu’s real rival

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Dec. 12, 2016) – Is it an extraordinarily thick skin, an incurable addiction to power or the conviction of being the one and only leader of the State of Israel in our time – or perhaps all this and much else – that keeps Binyamin Netanyahu in power as the longest […]

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The many causes for alarm

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Nov. 11, 2016) – I think it’s only a matter of days, perhaps hours, before we read that the reason why, contrary to the predictions of pollsters and pundits, Donald Trump is to be the next president of the United States is the visit of his daughter Ivanka to the grave […]

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UNESCO and the Israeli peace activists

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Oct. 15, 2016) – The Palestinians know, of course, that they cannot defeat Israel and that the rest of the world, including their Muslim coreligionists, won’t come to their aid. In order to keep the myth alive that the Jews are colonialist imposters who’ve grabbed Palestinian land – without any historic […]

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Jews against themselves

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Oct. 13, 2016) – Earlier this year, Edward Alexander, professor emeritus at the University of Washington, published a book with the title of this caption in which castigates the many Jewish organizations in the United States and elsewhere that are critical of Israel and thus, according to the author, are damaging […]

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