Accused terrorists – Jewish or Palestinian – deserve due process

August 29, 2015

Following recent arson attacks in Israel by Jewish extremists, there has been a public outcry for these Jewish terrorists to be treated in the same way as Palestinian terrorists. Some commentators have gone as far as to advocate the demolition of their family homes in the same manner as Palestinians in the West Bank who have been accused of terrorism.

At present, Palestinians in the Occupied Territories suspected of planning terrorist activities can be held under ‘administrative detention’ for up to six months. Their term is frequently extended for years without them being charged with a crime and or having the opportunity to defend themselves in court. Now three Jewish extremists have joined nearly 400 Palestinians being held under administrative detention.

We believe these practices are wrong for Jews as well as Palestinians. They lay a legal and cultural framework that would tolerate even more draconian police state tactics. Fighting terrorism with police state tactics will not work in the long run.

Many Israeli NGOs are working hard to make sure that Israel’s judicial system works for every resident – Jewish Israeli, Arab Israeli and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories – in a democratic and civilized manner. JSpaceCanada joins them in supporting a secure, peaceful and democratic Israel and Palestine, where all its residents, Jewish and Arab, enjoy full and equal human and civil rights.

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