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By Karen Mock, President, JSpaceCanada

January 27, 2018

I am very pleased to contribute the lead-off blog for YourSpace – JSpaceCanada’s new forum for discussion and debate. JSpaceCanada was created for those who felt they no longer had a voice in the Canadian Jewish community and who yearned for a safe space to discuss Israel and the Middle East from a progressive perspective, grounded in Jewish and social justice values. If you are looking for a safe engaging place to discuss Israel and its policies, as well as issues of the day that impact on the Jewish community of Canada, then JSpaceCanada is for you. And YourSpace in JSpace can serve as a comfortable ‘living room’ for you to espouse your views and to engage in passionate, civil dialogue on those issues.

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The religious dimension in politics

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Dec. 13, 2017) – Early on in his new book about Yossi Beilin and the failed peace process (English title: “The Left-Wing’s Sorrow”), Avi Shilon, the historian of modern Israel, makes the point that you cannot remove the religious dimension in seeking to make peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Even if […]

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Uneasy in Jerusalem

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Dec. 7, 2017) – For many years and especially after we came to live in Jerusalem, my rare moments of optimism about the Israeli-Palestinian situation were linked to the hope that the status quo would prevail. I couldn’t see any signs that pointed to an improvement of the situation but considerable […]

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Foolishness and hypocrisy

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Nov. 26, 2017) – Tzipi Hotovely is an Israeli success story. Born in 1978 to immigrants from Georgia she became a lawyer and is now a doctoral student at Tel Aviv University. She married a lawyer and is the mother of two young children. For the last eight years she has […]

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Turning threats into opportunities

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Nov. 19, 2017) – Iran building a military base in Syria close to the border with Israel and its sponsorship of the anti-Israel terrorist force Hezbollah in Lebanon may, after all, turn out to be not quite as ominous as it seems. According to the principle “my enemy’s enemy is my […]

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A triple threat

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Nov. 15, 2017) – On the face of it, it doesn’t look good. Israel seems to be under threat from its neighbours, its friends in the Diaspora and its own politicians. 1A. In the South, Islamic Jihad in Gaza, with Hamas turning a blind eye, appears to be planning retaliation for […]

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Principles and Personalities

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Oct. 17, 2017) – Israel’s Labour Party seems to be shedding its political Socialist roots. Its newly elected leader Avi Gabbay is a refugee from the right-wing Kulanu Party, founded and headed by Moshe Kahlon, who used to be a member of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud. At least three recent news […]

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Israel’s Best Friend

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Oct. 10, 2017) – The much heralded reconciliation between Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since Israel’s withdrawal in 2005, and Fatah, which rules the West Bank, should be good news not only for Gazans, who live under terrible conditions that may now improve, but also for those who advocate a two-state […]

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Thriving in the Diaspora

By Dow Marmur Jerusalem (Sept. 27, 2017) – Israelis who don’t share the concerns about the rupture between their government and United States Jewry, indeed the Diaspora in general — and, therefore, aren’t upset about Netanyahu’s ignoring the order of Israel’s Supreme Court to provide equal access to the Kotel for all streams of Judaism […]

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