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By Karen Mock, President, JSpaceCanada

January 27, 2018

I am very pleased to contribute the lead-off blog for YourSpace – JSpaceCanada’s new forum for discussion and debate. JSpaceCanada was created for those who felt they no longer had a voice in the Canadian Jewish community and who yearned for a safe space to discuss Israel and the Middle East from a progressive perspective, grounded in Jewish and social justice values. If you are looking for a safe engaging place to discuss Israel and its policies, as well as issues of the day that impact on the Jewish community of Canada, then JSpaceCanada is for you. And YourSpace in JSpace can serve as a comfortable ‘living room’ for you to espouse your views and to engage in passionate, civil dialogue on those issues.

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The future of progressive Jews in Israel

By Rabbi Dow Marmur, Jerusalem, Sept. 20, 2015 “Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality” is an organization headed by Rabbi Uri Regev, the former president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism and, before that, the head of Reform Judaism’s Israel Religious Action Centre. Hiddush regularly surveys the religious preferences of the country’s Jews. […]

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Riots on the Temple Mount

By Rabbi Dow Marmur, Jerusalem, Sept. 17, 2015 The received wisdom of many pundits is that Jerusalem should be the last item in any peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, because it’s such a thorny issue. Professor Moshe Amirav of the Hebrew University believes that it must be the first item – precisely because […]

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JSpaceCanada in the News: Canadian Jewish News, Apr 27, 2015

In the April 27 issue of The Canadian Jewish News, an article entitled “Panel ponders whether Israel is fulfilling its promise” recounts the exciting panel discussion “My Promised Land – Have We Fulfilled the Promise?” hosted on April 20 by UJA of Greater Toronto. JSpaceCanada Coordinating Committee member Karen Mock was one of the speakers at the […]

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