Press Release: NDP Convention Urged to Reject Resolution on Israel/Palestine

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February 13, 2018 — JSpaceCanada is deeply concerned about the resolution regarding Israel-Palestine being brought forward at the NDP National Convention later this week and urges NDP members to reject it.

As Canadian Jews active in the fight for social justice and firmly committed to peace in the Middle East, we welcome those who promote just policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This resolution is inconsistent with such policies.

The proposed resolution removes language in support of the two-state solution. Such a change to existing policy would damage the road to a lasting peace through two states for two peoples.

The resolution also supports using “diplomatic and economic pressure to end the occupation.” While JSpaceCanada opposes Israel’s settlement program, we are concerned that this policy will limit engagement with the many progressive Israeli organizations and activists that are integral to assuring any future peace deal.

“By adopting such a biased resolution, the NDP will end up isolating important allies in the fight for social justice in Canada and abroad, including most Jewish Canadians. This resolution will make joining the NDP untenable for Canadians who are otherwise in sympathy with the party’s focus on jobs, inequality and social justice,” said Karen Mock, President of JSpaceCanada.

“The NDP should stick with its existing balanced policy on the Middle East that allows Canada to play its traditional role of peacemaker in the region.”


For more information contact:
Dr. Karen Mock, President – – 416-433-0343
Bernie Farber, Communications Chair – – 416-671-3204
Jordan Devon, Young Leadership Chair – — 647-502-2533

JSpaceCanada provides Canadians with a safe space to have crucial conversations about Israel’s future. We support a two-state solution to the conflict, with safety and security for Israel and her neighbours. We provide an alternative to both the vehemently anti-Israel left and the rigidly pro-Israel right, with room for everyone to engage in civil and informed discussion. We offer a balanced perspective on Israel, with commitment to human rights and social justice for Jews, Palestinians, and all other citizens and residents of Israel.

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