Premier must denounce and distance himself from racism and white supremacy

September 24, 2018

Toronto, Sept. 24, 2018 — Today in the Ontario legislature, Premier Doug Ford refused to denounce the views of Faith Goldy with whom he recently posed for a picture. JSpaceCanada believes that if Premier Ford will not issue a forthright repudiation of Faith Goldy, other members of the Progressive Conservative Government must speak up in his place.

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JSpaceCanada condemns discriminatory provisions of Jewish State Bill

July 13, 2018

JSpaceCanada joins Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Natan Sharansky, as well
as many other Israelis and Diaspora groups worldwide, in condemning provisions of the Jewish
State Bill that is nearing final approval in the Knesset. Two provisions are particularly abhorrent to
Zionism, to traditional Israeli openness and democracy, and to the principles of Israel’s Declaration
of Independence. One provision allows religious communities to exclude other Israelis for any
reason, and another downgrades Arabic as an official language.

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JSpaceCanada Statement on May 14, 2018 Gaza Protests

May 14, 2018

We are deeply disturbed over the rising death toll in Gaza this past day. Israel has a right
to defend its borders, but must never use lethal force against unarmed protesters. Hamas
also bears much responsibility for the situation in Gaza by mixing armed combatants with
peaceful demonstrators and encouraging Gazans to breach the border fence.

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JSpaceCanada Statement on 2018 Gaza Border Protests

April 15, 2018

We join the many Canadians shocked and saddened over the situation in Gaza these past two weeks.

At JSpaceCanada, we sympathize deeply with the Gazan people, who live under both an oppressive regime led by Hamas and a blockade that in combination make life extremely difficult for residents.

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NDP Convention Urged to Reject Resolution on Israel/Palestine

February 13, 2018

JSpaceCanada is deeply concerned about the resolution regarding Israel-Palestine being brought forward at the NDP National Convention later this week and urges NDP members to reject it.

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JSpaceCanada condemns terrorist action in Quebec and Trump’s executive order

January 30, 2017

JSpaceCanada is shocked and saddened at the news that six people were murdered while praying at a mosque in Quebec City last night. While full details have yet to be released, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has described this crime as a terrorist act. JSpaceCanada deplores any and all terrorist activity no matter where the terrorism takes place or against whom the terror is directed. We pray that those injured recover fully and we stand with our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community and with all Canadians who condemn hate in our country.

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