JSpaceCanada is a progressive Zionist organization. We support a negotiated settlement which results in two states for two peoples living in peace. We oppose all attempts to delegitimize Israel through sanctions, boycotts or divestment. We are also opposed to the expansion of settlements in the West Bank because they are a serious obstacle to peace and, ultimately, counter-productive to Israel’s security.

Arie Rieff participating at JSpaceCanada’s conference, October 2013.

Supporting Israel

We are committed to protecting Israel’s vibrant democracy by commenting on government policies and actions that in our view do not reflect the Jewish values and democratic principles enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. We also speak out when we believe Israel is being unfairly criticized or when obvious and unwarranted anti-Israel bias occurs.

For Israel’s sake

While JSpaceCanada prefers a ‘two state solution’, we recognize that any peace agreement should strive for balance, result in mutual recognition, and create conditions for a just, secure and sustainable peace. We urge both parties to negotiate in good faith and to make the necessary compromises to reach a lasting peace. We urge Canada to encourage and support the peace process

Jewish unity

At a time when attacks on the Jewish community are increasing, many community leaders are more engaged in criticizing each other than uniting to confront common challenges. We want to build bridges, recognizing the value of constructive dissent and focusing on what unites us – our values and traditions, and our love and support for Israel.

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